GRAND PRIX Machina Design Awards 2008

5th February evening in Marble’s Hall of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, belongs to design. Statuettes RDZEŃ 2008 received 21 laureates of plebiscite, that selects to International jury composed of 14th greats surnames under leadership of Dorota Koziara and including persons like : Alessandro Mendini, Satyendra Pakhale, Francesca Picchi, Prof. Ksawery Piwocki, Andrzej Pagowski, Ewa Minge, Piotr Metz, Hayah and many others.

Statuettes presents:

Janusz Palikom,
Stanisław Soyka,
Katarzyna Figura,
Marek Koscikiewicz,
Malgorzata Ostrowska,
Marysia Sadowska,
Tatiana Okupnik,
Ewa Minge,
Anna Samusionek,
Maria Seweryn,
Edyta Jungowska,
Tomasz Jacykow,
Gosia Baczynska.

Patronages of Plebiscite:
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
The Association of Industrial Designers
And University of Art and Design in Lodz.

To Moho goes  two other statuettes, Award in category of furniture -  project of Spider for company IKER,
and in category of interior - The Rock Collection.